• Happy Halloween!  What better way to get in the spirit of festivities than with some good old fashioned transformation horror!  Only in this case, the costume is permanent :)

    John Landis has done some amazing work over the years, and even so, this film can stand with them all - it has aged incredibly well, thanks to the quality visual effects and cinematography. If you have not seen this before, do yourself a favor and rent or buy it TODAY!

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    Sometimes, you should stop while you're still ahead, and other times, you should just start over. It's rare that a filmmaker does both simultaneously - in this instance, it led to one of Clay's favorite "... of the Dead" zombie flicks: Diary of the Dead!

    George A Romero's handheld approach to this fresh look at his classic world of blood and gore was pretty well received by fans and critics alike. With some clever editing and some very key real-world footage from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and 9/11, Romero again proves himself a very capable storyteller with his 2007 release.

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    As far as sophomore efforts go, The Devil's Rejects is a great example of learning from past mistakes. It's also a great example of how great a well-timed gamble can pay off when studios bet on new talent.

    Rob Zombie follows up House of 1000 Corpses with this brilliant homage to road-terror / grindhouse films, starring Sid Haig, Sheri Moon-Zombie, and Bill Moseley.  Most people ignored this film when it came out (to their detriment), so we talk about all the reasons they were wrong!

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    We've lost a lot of great talent in the recent years. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, Gunnar Hansen sliced and diced without discrimination. Thanks to Tobe Hooper's excellent work behind the camera and the extremely convincing work of the actors (especially Marylin Burns!), the Texas Chain Saw Massacre has persisted as one of the most terrifying and excellent standards of horror!

    That's right everyone: HORROR MOVIE MONTH IS BACK!

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    We think it's safe to say that if SOMEONE had to say "the Zed word" (Why not?  Because it's ridiculous!) it had to be George A Romero.  Thanks to this 1978 classic (and it's offspring!), there is a huge zombie craze.  We have parodies, we have satire, we have social commentary, and we have one of the most successful and intense dramas on television (and not to mention, marathons of zombies lurching towards the screen).

    Who would have thought that this beloved "indie" film would blow the doors off (literally)?

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    This week, we ask the question: if you believe something enough, can it become real?  Then we ask "How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?"

    John Carpenter has done some great work over the years, and according to Brandon, this movie was one of them!  Starring Sam Neill and Jurgen Prochnow, In the Mouth of Madness will make us question our own reality!

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    You might think Fright Night is one of those films that you had to be there to appreciate at the time, but it holds up well enough to qualify for a major remake starring an A-list actor!  We keep things classy, and for the first hour, blood-free!

    This movie served as the launchpad for the writer/director Tom Holland, who would go on to create one of the most memorable horror franchises: Child's Play!"

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    We are back!  It's October and that means it's time for our 3rd annual Horror Movie Month!  We aren't cool enough for a treehouse, and we can't do a FearFest like AMC, so let's split the difference and start it off with The Shining!

    Released in May 1980, this had all the hallmarks of a summer movie tentpole: elevators full of blood, a drunk who falls off the wagon, and of course, twins!

    Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Stephen King's 1977 novel is one of the most popular King adaptations to date, and even though there are differences to be found, it's a fantastic example of what can go right when creative (and spiritual) forces collide!

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    We forgot to turn in our homework and had to pull a few extra late-night janitorial shifts but we are BACK with our second installment of higher education!

    In 1998, two young actors won their first Academy Award for a screenplay that was started 6 years earlier.  Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are super stars now, but this film is a great example of just how talented these two actors are.  Supported by a cast featuring heavyweights Robin Williams, Stellan Skarsgard, and even Minnie Driver, Good Will Hunting inspires, and it connects on a deep, emotional level, and if the stars not aligned, this film might have gone a very different direction!

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    With Animal House, we're kicking off College week!  It's summer!  Seniors are out of school and some are heading to a university.  Juniors just became seniors, then realized they should have done better in 11th grade! 

    That divide is at the heart of Animal House - a truly classic film about the rigors, regrets, and recompense one might expect during their golden years of schooling!

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