• Hard to believe it took us 72 episodes to get to such a classic, but honestly, it's one of those movies that you don't want to ruin with an amateur mistake, like letting Mike do the trivia.


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    And we're back!  After a long hiatus due to various life events, we're back and on schedule, and what better way than to start with some solid comedy out of a little-known group called "Broken Lizard" ?

    Super Troopers became a sleeper home rental hit after it was released in 2001.  With a virtually unknown cast, the movie about a bunch of stoner cops on the Vermont highway has become a cult phenomenon and single-handedly propelled the careers of it's improv troupe through the past 15 years, producing a number of movies along the way (such as Beerfest and Slammin' Salmon).

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    Howard Stern is the controversial "shock jock" at the center of this biopic, and who better to portray Howard Stern than... Howard Stern!  This movie actually sparked some pretty interesting discussion between our hosts and I think we all learned something important from this movie: how to properly say the call sign for WNBC in New York.

    Say it with me: "Double yoooo ENNNNNNNNNNNNNN BEE SEE"

    Perfect, and thank you for that memorable role, Paul Giamatti!

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    Larry Flynt - love him or hate him, you have to admit the guy has a point.  We thought this film was especially important considering the recent publication change made by Playboy (now you HAVE to read it for the articles!)

    Woody Harrelson was nominated for an Oscar after this performance, and surprisingly, his castmate Courtney Love was the only one to win for this film.  We talk about this and more in this week's episode!

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    Episode 69 could only go to one of the king of irreverant one-liners (and waistbands, ho ho!) ever to grace to silver screen: Rodney Dangerfield!  His 1986 comedy "Back to School" was one of the best examples of prolonged higher procrastination (heyyy!) we've ever seen.  The supporting cast featured Sam Kinnison (included in the clip at the beginning) and Billy Zabka, not to mention a number of minor supporting roles filled by notable faces (hey I'd like to fill that role!).

    Ok, I'm done with the terrible Dangerfield gags, just download and enjoy!

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    Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider are two detectives in the NYC narcotics department, and the streets are dry - nothings moving.  In William Friedkin's 1971 classic cat-and-mouse, we're dropped into the middle of a seedy metropolis that looks cold and feels even colder.

    This movie was almost never made, if not for the iconic car chase scene that it's known for!

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    Al Pacino experienced one of the most pronounced career growths during the 1990's, and many would credit this to his continued success to his early roles, in such classic films as Dog Day Afternoon and Scarface.  In fact, just a year before, we see he is more than capable of working alongside talented young breakouts (Scent of a Woman), and he continues to show that here, opposite Sean Penn (himself nominated for a Golden Globe).

    Welcome to Paradise!

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    Ladies and Gents, we proudly present to you one of the finest comedies of the 1980s!  Arriving just 3 years under the 1990 deadline, Coming to America solidified Eddie Murphy's reign on a whitewashed Hollywood.  Thanks to him, we were introduced to all the various stereotypes that feature so predominantly in his later films, including playing multiple roles in the same scene!

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    Welcome to 2016 everybody!  We're kicking this new year off with a bang (courtesy of the enhanced blanks used in today's film)!

    Die Hard is a classic action movie, and in the spirit of Christmas, we thought there's no better way to celebrate the holidays than giving this film the attention it deserves!

    Bruce Willis stars as NYPD Officer John McClane, coming to visit his estranged wife Holly (played by Bonnie Bedelia).  What they didn't count on was an unexpected visit from Alan Rickman's fantastic Hans Gruber.  Good thing he left the stuffed bear in the limo!

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    This has been a great year for movies, and we want to thank everyone for listening with us all year long!

    1995 was ALSO a huge year in movies, as we've mentioned this before.  Did you know it was the year that Michael Bay made his major motion picture debut?  That was 20 years ago, and it was also the film debut of Will Smith, in an attempt to revive the buddy-cop shoot'em-up genre.

    Thankfully, Bad Boys launched an even better sequel, and Michael Bay was able to go on making ridiculous movies with even bigger budgets!

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