• We finish up our 2 part episode of Star Wars with some final notes on Empire Strikes Back, then move on to Return of the Jedi.

    "Empire" and "Return" both debuted as number one box office hits when they were released and both grossed more than $200m at the box office.  The largest difference between the films is that "Empire" was directed by Irvin Kershner, while "Return" was directed by Richard Marquand.  Both films have a remarkable difference in tone and structure, and as such, there is a ton of information on both of these movies!

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    What can we say about Silence of the Lambs that hasn't already been said?  Apparently, quite a lot!  This Top 5 Oscar Winner was a Valentine's release, ensuring that the only people who went to bed satisfied that night were the studio executives!  Just kidding, Orion Pictures went bankrupt by the end of the year!

    Starring Jodie Foster (won for Best Actress) and Anthony Hopkins (won for Best Actor), this movie (won Best Picture) was directed by Jonathan Demme (won for Best Director) and is based on a Thomas Harris book (won for Best Adapted Screenplay).

    With that out of the way, let's get to the main course... did anyone remember the Chianti?

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    It was inevitable.  Clay mentions it EVERY TIME.  With his return, we decided to go big or go home!

    Star Wars premiered May 25, 1977.  It was a box office smash in every sense of the term.  That's not just us nerds talking: it remains one of the most successful franchises of all time (although Marvel is making a run at it!).

    This is Clay's first episode back, so everyone make sure to critique him EXTRA HARD!

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    Cult movies often gain their reputation for very specific reasons.  In this case, you might say this film puts the "Cult" in "Occult."

    Clive Barker directs a British cast in 1987's Hellraiser.  The film brings to light some of the most disturbing visuals in a million dollar film (that's right, it was made for less than $1m) but despite the low budget, the film has earned a reputation for shock and gore that modern films could be hard pressed to surpass.

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    First and foremost: we are NOT detailing the 2012 abomination.  

    With that out of the way, this week's episode is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  1971, quite a year, but NOT so for this Golden Globe nominated film.  Gene Wilder and a bunch of nobodies star in this classic children's tale of single elimination competition!  Hard to imagine that Clockwork Orange was banned for copycat crimes while this work of art passed under the radar...

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    Swashbuckling!  Buckled swashes!  High adventure, pirate booty, and booby traps!

    We could only be talking about The Goonies!  For children of the 80s, this is required reading.  Sean Astin and Josh Brolin are two brothers who lead their crew, "The Goonies" after the treasure of One-Eyed Willie, a pirate who was fabled to have stashed a large fortune along the coast.  There's a ton of good stuff in this episode, guested by our good friend Derrick Kenerson!

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    We are back from our extended winter break and cannot wait to share with everyone the first episode of the New Year: The 5th Element!!

    This movie stars Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Gary Oldman, and Chris Tucker (not to mention Luke Perry at the height of his 90210 stardom) and spans thousands of years (and lightyears) during the course of the film.  It's an instant classic and still looks amazing after 17 years!

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    It's the holidays, and among the endless 24 hour runs of "A Christmas Story" or the James Bond marathon, a glowing beacon of comedy calls out.  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, which was released 25 years ago this month, stars Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, and features future stars Johnny Gilecki and Juliette Lewis, as well as one of Randy Quaid's most memorable roles!

    Really, though, who puts a down payment on pools anymore?  Just take a cash-out refinance to pay for that sucker!

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    One of the biggest action movies to come out of 1987 (and trust us, there is PLENTY of competition) was also, first and foremost, a CHRISTMAS movie!  Mel Gibson dialed up his inner crazy for his follow up to Thunderdome with Lethal Weapon!  Danny Glover stars alongside Mel, with notable appearances by Gary Busey and Tom Atkins.  One thing is for sure, we are definitely NOT too old for this s#@%!

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    Our string of box office duds resumes with this 1994 classic!  That's right, this film barely made back it's money, after being released not once, but TWICE!

    Maybe next time they'll get a banker convict to do their books!  Seriously though, Clay has NEVER seen the movie, and that was only the second surprise in our research.

    This episode features a guest appearance from another fan (we pander, because we love!).  Our friend Cody joins us to get into the meat of the movie and help us understand what it is we all love about this great film.

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